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I love bags and I believe that good quality accessories are a must. I think it is imperative for an outfit to have a good mix between designer and high street clothes. My bags are mostly, if not all designer because I personally love having beautiful bags with gorgeous leathers and hardware. In my opinion, if you are dressed head to toe in cheap brands, or head to toe in designer brands you will look a hot mess. They’re just as bad as each other, so it’s important for me to always have both going on in an outfit. I tend to always go for high end bags & shoes and am more playful in clothing with Topshop Zara H&M etc.

A classic Chanel Flap Bag with Caviar leather and silver hardware is a staple in my wardrobe. The caviar leather means I don’t have to worry too much about ruining the finish as it’s quite tough which makes it perfect for daytime.

What’s In My Bag?

Makeup– is a major necessity for top-up purposes. I’ll always carry my favourite lippy, a translucent powder and a bronzer. Utensil wise, e.l.f makeup brushes are all I use.

Sunglasses– currently obsessing over my Celine Baby Marta’s. Good black shades are a go-to style for me.

Scent– Urban Outfitters came up with some signature scents. ‘Thé Matcha’ I found in New York and thought it was a really nice light fresh on the run scent to keep on hand.

Pen– i’ve had my Montblanc pen since I was 17 years old and I have continued to buy refills for it to this day.

iPhone Case– I adore my Lumee case, it assures I can always take the perfect selfie because lighting is everything! People look at my phone and laugh at the size of it because I have the iPhone 6 Plus and the Lumee case makes it look even more huge, but I don’t care because I just love that damn case.

Watch– a man’s watch is my personal preference. So naturally, I wear a steel men’s Rolex.

Jewellery– I’ll have nic nacs and bracelets floating around in my bag at any given time, in this instance it was my Live Lokai bracelet.

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  1. Chanel Flap Bag
  2. Chanel Lipstick in shade ‘Louise’
  3. Lumee iPhone case
  4. e.l.f cosmetics brushes
  5. NARS setting powder
  6. THÉ MATCHA scent from Urban Outfitters
  7. Live Lokai bracelet
  8. Celine sunglasses
  9. Rolex watch
  10. Montblanc rollerball pen





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