First of all, let me just say that I really wanted to create a space where I can write about all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

Fashion is something I have a great admiration for. Designers, collections, accessories and trends inspire me daily.

Beauty is something that I have become slightly obsessed with. I will admit I am a huge makeup junkie and will probably never find the ultimate perfect nude lipstick to end my purchasing frenzy of nude lipsticks!

Lifestyle for me, encompasses travel & art which are both hobbies and loves of mine. I was raised in a family where travel was the norm and art was always around me.

Funnily enough, in the past, I didn’t particularly like revealing my style sources, beauty tips and fashion secrets (unless it was to my closest friends). I would get asked questions a lot and while I always answer now I still remember my mum in the back of my head telling me to be allusive. However, I just felt like no one blog really spoke to me completely which is why I wanted to create my own! I love being inspired and creative individuals, brands, art and institutions fuel my passions and this is the reason I have decided to start sharing too.  I get a lot of beauty & fashion questions from people and on this platform I will try to answer most. If you want me to cover any topic in particular, just let me know on Instagram or send me an email, I will be happy to respond!

Since I have been somewhat of a globetrotter from a young age, I have a perception of the world as an on-looker of many cultures and ways of life. While I call Australia home, Europe has been my stomping ground as an adult. It’s where I have lived for the past 10 years, worked and built  a life for myself.

I will be writing about everything from fashion, my personal style & beauty, to travel, art, and new weird stuff that enters our hyper-digitally-lead lives. Including personal tidbits from life here and there. I also want to support people, brands and companies that I believe in whether they are small & up-and-coming or larger than life. Currently, since my blog is a baby it is a bit bare however, new content will now be posted weekly and I am very excited for what’s to come!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you and hope you are too! Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list to be notified via email of new posts! Also, don’t hesitate to leave me comments if you’d like.

Much love,

AA xx

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